I am writing two books:

  • ZIONISM & THE BLACK CHURCH: Why Standing With Israel Will Be a Defining Issue for Christians of Color in the 21st Century
  • THE DIASPORA: Discovering Israel’s Multiethnic Identity & Her Prophetic Return to the Land

I don’t consider myself an expert on either subject. In fact I know that there are plenty of people more knowledgeable about both topics. But those facts have little to do with what I can only describe is a divine directive – a mandate from God.

ZIONISM will be a book whose primary audience is the Black Christian leader. It will be an explanation of why the African-American Church must find itself on the correct side of the Israel-Palestine debate. It will look at the fact that image-makers (Madison Avenue, Christian media, the Entertainment Industry, etc) have historically targeted the hearts of African-Americans; understanding that if you want something to be hip or cool, connect it to Black people. ZIONISM will consider the controversial fact that some Black leaders (civil and church) have often led the community to the wrong side of defining cultural issues like:

  • Abortion
  • Welfare, and
  • politics unhealthily fused with Church’s agenda

ZIONISM will further consider that the advocates for a “free Palestine” and removal of Israel are aggressively courting the Black community worldwide, and the Black Church in particular; deceptively using provocative terms like “racial segregation” and “apartheid”. Finally, ZIONISM will explain that Black leaders can ill-afford to choose the curse over the blessing, and will make a plea to Church leaders to teach our people the biblical command to bless, pray for and stand with Israel.

THE DIASPORA will be written to the lay Church of all ethnic backgrounds, but specifically American Christians of color. It will discuss the history of the Israelite people; their Afro-Asiatic beginnings, their presence throughout the African continent for over 3,000 years, their scattering over the entire earth, and their present day return to the Holy Land. It will use pictures to show Jews from Africa, throughout Asia, Latin America, and the “islands of the sea”. THE DIASPORA will be part anthropology, part biblical history and part biblical prophecy – from a layman’s perspective.

As a companion study to ZIONISM, THE DIASPORA will challenge the prevailing teaching that some 90% of the world’s Jews are Ashkenazic (of European ancestry or White). The book will cite overwhelming anthropological and biblical evidence that there are many more Jews of color than is commonly known or accepted. Finally, THE DIASPORA will cite Jewish pluralism as one crucial reason why non-white Christians should care about and advocate for the nation of Israel.

Finally, these books are part of a three-tiered teaching approach which includes music (THE HEBREW PROJECT, vol. 1: From Beyond the Rivers) and video. Each of these works will be used to emphasize the need for the Church’s solidarity with Israel, and will focus on young people as well as the multiethnic Body of Christ.